Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Independent Project Reflection

     Hey guys!!! This is a reflection on my independent project! We could do anything for our projects, so I chose Gems. For my project format, I used my favorite way to present, Prezi! The thing i liked most about my project is my topic. I love this topic so much, that it was really fun to lean and talk about! There was so many interesting things that I learned about, but the two most interesting where the fun facts. The first one, how Amber can give the person who wears it healing properties. And the second, how Rose Quartz can give the person who wears it love properties. The reason they were so interesting is the fact that they have those properties, and that stones can actually do things to hep heal the human body!
     The hardest part about my project was getting all 50 facts and categorizing them in the right order for my project. the reason it was so hard is the fact that it takes up a lot of time and writing.  I think this project helped me because it gave me so much cool information and helped me learn more about Prezi.  To improve on my project,  I would like to add more photos and movies, and even more information! I am proud of the fact that the Prezi I made was the best one so far! It has the most information and best pictures. 
     For anyone who wants to do this in the future, make sure you get as much facts as you can. Also. if you do Prezi, you should get a lot of videos. And also, in my Prezi, there are circles with questions and pictures, but no facts.  Thats because I have those facts written down on a sheet of paper so i can talk to the "audience" while I am presenting.  Although, it would of been better if I put the facts into my project as well. 


  1. Juliette, I really liked your topic. It was a really cool one. The most interesting thing I found out was that Amber can give a person wearing it healing properties and the same with the Rose Quartz and love properties.
    Hannah B

  2. Your topic was so cool and you put so much effort into it I can see. Real awesome and interesting, thanx! : )

  3. That was really cool, I know that your mom owns and knows alot about this kind of stuff. I thought it was nice how you presented it.

  4. I like that you did gems because you can go really in depth about all perspective of gems, and you did.