Friday, February 26, 2016

Invent Iowa Reflection

     We recently submitted an invention to Invent Iowa. I was working with Witney Smith fir this project. The main problem we where trying to solve was ripping clothes. I bet your thinking, "Thats why we have sewing machines." Well...... sewing machines do repair cloths, but our invention is much better than a standard sewing machine. It is small and light weight, perfect for traveling with and taking with you on the go. It is inexpensive, and has a lot cuter design than a regular old sewing machine. If your not already convinced that it's better than a regular sewing machine, this will change your mind. It does its repair job simple and fast. All you have to do is take the part that is ripped, place it in between the two needles and just push the start button. Easy. Also, it uses batteries so you don't have to waste precious outlet space ( which means you can have more room for phone chargers, hair dryers, etc. ) because it uses two simple batteries. Convinced yet?
Most everything went well, except that, since i'm working with a partner, some of the communication about what needs to be done and who is doing what. Thats was the only challenge.
If I could change anything I would try to add more information and make a good physical model. 
My advice to future inventors is that you should never forget to fill out your inventors log ( this is more important then it sounds ). Also you should set goals for yourself and try to accomplish them everyday. Also try to make a physical model if possible.  :)


  1. I really like this idea. It really does seem so easy and simple. And it would be really nice for taking with you on a trip. You could never take a sewing machine with you anywhere! So this would be really handy. ( And if you're worried about not enough outlet space, Erin and I's invention could really help you ;-) ))

    1. endorsing! I know what you're up to Mara! ;)

  2. You did great. The summary is very in depth and really took me through what you felt and I definitely believe that it was hard to communicate. Filling out my inventors journal was definitely a challenge for me, too.

  3. There is nothing that I disagree with in your blog. This invention sounds very handy and useful. Useful in not only the ways of traveling and such, but as well as not using as much energy then a regular sewing machine. This invention sounds like something I need! :)

  4. 1 that picture though. 2 how do I say you did a great job considering we worked together... anyway nice job saying what it was about, also #spons come buy our product.